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Why Service Franchises are a Good Option | The Flower Rental Co.

Service franchises are a good option because they offer more economical start-up operating costs. Fewer people may also be required within the team for daily operations and they are always in demand. Nowadays, anyone can own a franchise. It doesn’t have to be some fancy international high-end brand; you can buy any franchise you like! Examples of franchise types include delivery service franchises, a home service franchise, or a florist franchise in the UK. 

Although food franchises are the most common kinds of franchises you will see, service-based franchises are gaining popularity. To be a successful franchisee, you must develop the required leadership skills, passion, personality, and love for people. These qualities enable individuals from a diverse set of personal and professional backgrounds to contribute to their communities through their franchises [1]. Going by Ray Kroc’s famous words, “You’re in business for yourself, not by yourself”; franchises give you the option to make a name for yourself in the market while having the support and backing of your franchise.   

What are Service Franchises?

A service franchise is a business that provides any number of services to homes, offices and establishments. For example, a delivery franchise that operates a fleet of delivery vehicles on behalf of its customers such as Deliveroo or a florist franchise that delivers flowers. 

Service Franchise Advantages

The advantages of owning a service franchise like a delivery service franchise or home service franchise can be numerous. Every home or business needs services. Houses go through a lot of wear and tear through the years. Hence, they require assistance to fix the damages or remodelling. This service can be provided by your franchise, and rest assured the demand will never go down. 

You also don’t need a very large team of individuals to kickstart your service franchise. This means that you can hire the best team for the job without compromising on quality. As Ray Kroc famously said,

“You’re only as good as the people you hire”.

Ray Kroc, McDonalds ‘s, 1955 – 1984

A service franchise gives you the option of hiring only the most talented and suitable personnel you need for the job to make it a successful business. In addition, the franchisor also supports your operations through personnel training and development opportunities. 

Furthermore, the investment cost is quite reasonable, mostly under £10,000. You can become a franchisee and enjoy the benefits of being self-employed! However, the best part of being a franchisee is that you do not need any prior experience. You don’t need to study botany or business to buy a florist franchise in the UK! You can gain experience while working on the job. This saves you from dead-end jobs, just for the sake of experience.

Service Franchise Disadvantages

Before you look into owning a service franchise, you should also be aware of certain drawbacks. As a franchisee, you might have restrictions on the areas you can operate in or services you can provide. There might not be space for your creative expression as you’ll have to work on the same model as the franchisor. Also, certain kinds of services like plumbers or electricians might require technical skills or education. 

Hence, more investment of resources and time may be needed. While you can opt for other options, such as maybe a florist franchise in the UK, you will need certification or training. Although franchising is a simple way to start a business, you need to be cautious and well-informed, as in any other company.

How to Start Your Franchise

If you’re interested in buying a service franchise, you need to start with some research. The franchise needs to be just right for you, suitable for the area you live and work in, and it must be within your budget. To be in the service business, you need to be customer-oriented, organised, approachable, and good at managing teams. 

There is a due process in the UK when it comes to registering your franchise. The following documents must be provided:

  • FR1 form;
  • Certified copy of the charter granting the franchise;
  • Details of the current administrative area where the franchise operates;
  • All other documents relating to the title to the franchise and in the applicant’s possession;
  • Appropriate fee;
  • Documents providing devolution of the title to the applicant.

The above procedure points out some of the legal proceedings that need to be accounted for when starting and registering your franchise [2]. If this sounds like something that interests you, and you can see yourself providing a service franchise for your area, it’s time you applied for one. Contact The Flower Rental Co. for more information about our franchise opportunities.