Top 10 Best Home-Based Franchises in the UK (Franchises Business)

Are you looking for franchises you can manage from home? Here are the top 10 best home-based franchises in the UK.


Running a business from home has plenty of perks. You can save on office space and avoid a lengthy commute. Plus, you can usually create a more flexible schedule for yourself and your family.


If you’re interested in starting a franchise but want to keep things local, consider one of these top 10 best home-based franchises in the UK:

Home-Based Franchise Opportunities

The Flower Rental Co. (Home Based Franchasing)

Suppose you are looking for a reputable and well-known flower rental company in the United Kingdom. In that case, you should consider Flower Rental Co. This company has been in business for years and has built a strong reputation amongst its customers. 

The company offers a specialized service for renting beautiful floral designs at a fraction of the cost of their real flower equivalents. They also have a wide selection of bouquets and arrangements to choose from. 

Their commitment to customer service sets The Flower Rental Co. apart from other companies. They work hard to ensure their customers are happy with their products and services. 

If you are interested in starting your own flower rental business, consider franchising with The Flower Rental Co. This is an excellent opportunity to get involved with a company with a proven track record of success. 

There are many benefits to franchising with Flower Rental Co., including the following: 

  • You can use the company’s well-known name and reputation to your advantage. This can help you attract more customers and grow your business. 
  • You will receive training and support from the company. They will help you get started and grow your business. 
  • You will have access to their extensive network of florists. This can help you get the best prices on flowers and supplies. 

If you are interested in starting your own flower rental business, consider franchising with The Flower Rental Co.



Another excellent home-based franchise opportunity in the UK is an Aspray home-based franchise. With Aspray, you will receive a comprehensive support package to help you succeed as a self-employed business owner, including exclusive territory, marketing support, and lead generation assistance.

You will also benefit from the company’s years of experience in the home improvement sector, giving you access to high-quality products and services to offer your customers.

With an Aspray franchise, you can offer your customers a wide range of services, including home improvement, decorating, and maintenance projects. You will have the flexibility to work the hours that suit you and your lifestyle, and you can be assured of a steady stream of work thanks to Aspray’s national network of franchises.

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity that offers you the chance to be your boss and reap the rewards of your hard work, then an Aspray home-based franchise could be the ideal solution for you.

Get Ahead VA

Get Ahead VA is a virtual assistant business that offers a home-based franchise opportunity in the United Kingdom. We provide full training, support, and mentoring to help you succeed as a Virtual Assistant.

Our services include social media management, email marketing, customer service, administration, and more. We work with businesses of all sizes and industries across the UK, providing them with an affordable and professional solution to their VA needs.

If you are looking for a way to work from home, be your boss, and earn a good income, then a Get Ahead VA franchise could be perfect for you.

Platinum Property Partners

If you’re looking for a stable, home-based franchise in the UK, look no further than Platinum Property Partners (PPP). PPP is a franchise opportunity that allows you to earn a full-time income by helping people buy, sell, or rent properties. As a PPP franchisee, you’ll receive training and support from experienced professionals, so you can hit the ground running and earn an income immediately.

PPPS is one of the few estate agency franchises in the UK that is 100% home based, meaning you can work from anywhere in the country. So there are no expensive office costs or overheads to worry about – just your laptop and phone. And because we’re an online franchise, you can reach more people than a traditional brick-and-mortar estate agent.

Oscar Pet Foods

Oscar Pet Foods is a home-based franchise opportunity that has been helping people in the UK to look after their pets for over 25 years. They offer a wide range of products and services designed to make it easy for pet owners to keep their animals healthy and happy. Its franchisees benefit from their expertise, experience, and proven business model that helps them quickly build a successful business.

Tutor Doctor

Tutor Doctor is one of the best online and home-based franchises in the United Kingdom. It has been operational for over a decade and consistently ranked as one of the top franchises in the country. The company provides tutor services to students of all ages, from primary school to university.

Tutor Doctor has a proven track record in helping students improve their grades and achieve their academic goals. The company offers a comprehensive franchise package that includes everything you need to get started, including marketing materials, training, and support from experienced tutors.

Digital Marketing Training Group


Digital Marketing Training Group is a home-based franchise opportunity in the United Kingdom that allows you to become your boss and work from home. The company provides training, support, and resources to succeed in your new business.

Digital Marketing Training Group is accredited by the British Franchise Association (BFA). The company is also a member of the Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM).

This franchise also offers a money-back guarantee, so you can confidently try it. Digital Marketing Training Group is the perfect franchise if you’re looking for an opportunity to be your boss and work from home.

ClaimTek Systems

ClaimTek Systems is the world’s leading provider of turnkey, start-up businesses in medical billing and claims processing. ClaimTek is expanding its reach to include home-based companies in the United Kingdom (UK).

ClaimTek has provided software, training, and support for medical billing businesses since 1994 and operates in over 25 countries worldwide. In recent years, ClaimTek has seen significant demand for its services from UK-based customers.

In response to this demand, ClaimTek is now offering franchise opportunities for individuals who want to start their own home-based business in the UK. The franchise fee for a ClaimTek home-based business is just £9,995 + VAT, and ClaimTek provides everything you need to get started, including comprehensive training and ongoing support.

With a ClaimTek home-based business, you can offer a wide range of medical billing and claims processing services to UK-based healthcare providers. This includes everything from claims processing to patient billing and accounts receivable management.

Healthier4U Vending (Home-Based Franchise Business)

Healthier4U Vending is a popular home-based franchise in the United Kingdom. This company offers a wide range of products and services, including healthy snacks and drinks, to its customers.

Healthier4U Vending is a part of the Healthy2U Group, a leading provider of vending services in the United Kingdom. The company has been in operation for over ten years and has a strong reputation in the industry.

Healthier4U Vending has a meagre start-up cost and can be operated from home with little to no overhead costs. This makes it an ideal franchise opportunity for those looking to start their own business with minimal investment.

Sears Handyman Solutions


The company offers an extensive training program and support system to help franchisees grow their businesses. Healthier4U Vending also has a strong marketing and advertising campaign that helps to promote its products and services.

Sears Handyman Solutions is a home-based franchise opportunity in the United Kingdom that offers a wide range of services to help busy homeowners with home maintenance and repairs.

The company was founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Sean and Sarah Sears. The couple was passionate about helping people with their homes and saw a gap in the market for a professional handyperson service. They started the business with just one van and a few tools, but it quickly became a successful enterprise.

Today, Sears Handyman Solutions has a fleet of vans and employs a team of fully qualified tradespeople who provide an extensive range of services, including carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, decorating, and more.

How Do You Choose a Home-Based Franchises Business? 

Now that you know more about some of the best home-based franchises in the United Kingdom, how do you choose the right one?

The first step is carefully considering your skills, interests, and goals. What do you enjoy doing? What kind of lifestyle do you want to lead? Once you have a good understanding of what you’re looking for, you can start to narrow down your options.

Consider the following factors when choosing a home-based franchise:

  1. The investment cost: How much money are you willing to invest in a franchise? It’s essential to know your budget before you start researching franchises. Also, remember that some franchises require a more significant initial investment than others.
  1. The level of support: How much help do you need to get started? Some franchises offer comprehensive training and ongoing support, while others provide more limited assistance. Consider your needs and decide what level of support you’re looking for.
  1. The business model: What business model are you interested in? Some home-based franchises are operated entirely from home, while others require you to visit customers’ homes or businesses. Consider your preferred working environment and choose a franchise that fits your needs.
  1. The products and services: What products or services does the franchise offer? Do they align with your interests and skills? Make sure you’re passionate about the products or services you’ll be offering as a franchisee.
  1. The growth potential: How much potential does the franchise have for growth? Consider the size of the market and the demand for the products or services you’ll be offering. Then, choose a franchise that has good growth potential.

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you should know which home-based franchises in the United Kingdom suit you.

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