Market Insight on Artificial Flowers [2022-2029]: Brief Summary on Global Size, Industry Share, Sales, Key Players, CAGR, and Sales Forecast

market insight on artificial flowers

The expansion of the interior decoration industry is expected to lead to a significant increase in the size of the global artificial flower market in the following years. Fortune Business Insights’ “Artificial Flowers Market, 2022-2029” report contains this information.

The global increase in demand for indoor and outdoor décor is accelerating the product’s expansion. Additionally, rising aesthetic preferences boost product sales, particularly in commercial and corporate settings. Further, the low maintenance requirements and durable nature of the product contribute to these blooms’ strong demand and output.

Impact of COVID-19: Market Stagnation Caused by Lockdown Norms

During the lockdown, the pandemic stagnated the artificial flower market. This is because most industries have stopped operating globally to control the spread of the virus. Artificial flower manufacturing plants were also closed, and businesses suffered greatly. Many areas are improving the lockdown standards and reopening businesses. The same is anticipated to apply to this market, and productions are anticipated to resume. The upcoming years should be highly successful, making up for the losses sustained during the lockdown.

Present Market Key Players:

  • Commercial Silk Int’l and Plantscape Inc.
  • Diane James Designs, Inc.
  • Fantastic Florals Inc.
  • FRS Holding
  • Fusheng Arts Products Co. Ltd.
  • Orient Fine Art Co. Ltd.
  • Silf Flower Decoflora
  • TH Artificial Flower Manufacturers

Report Content:

The report provides information on the size, overall structure, and profitability of the market for artificial flowers. Additionally, it analyses the market’s drivers and restrictions and considers any possible threats. The study methodically incorporates prediction analysis, expert insights, and careful examination of market segments. The survey carried out by market experts covers a wide range of information, including geographical analysis, market segmentation, industry advancements, and influential factors.

Key Points of the Report:

More Convenience Stores Will Help the Market Grow.

One of the key market drivers is the increasing use of artificial flowers in supermarkets and retail establishments to enhance their displays. A large volume of the product is required due to the increase in the number of convenience stores and related infrastructure facilities worldwide. For instance, the mainland UK saw a startling rise in 46,388 convenience stores in 2019, according to figures published by the Association of Convenience Stores.

Additionally, the popularity of DIY crafts and numerous festivals is increasing the demand for commodities within the artificial flower industry. The issues mentioned above and the significant impact of social media on aesthetic appearances are important drivers of the expansion of the fake flower market.

Market Segments

The market is divided according to material: polyester, paper, nylon, silk, and others. It is divided into residential and commercial categories depending on the application. It is divided into hypermarkets and supermarkets, specialty shops, internet retailers, and other stores based on the distribution route. Geographically speaking, researchers have looked at the market in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Regional Viewpoints:

Increasing Sales and Production in Europe to Meet Rising Product Demand

Soon, Europe will hold the largest market share for fake flowers. This is a result of the substantial importation of artificial flowers from European nations, including Switzerland, Spain, and the UK. For instance, data provided by the European Union in 2019 showed that imports of artificial flowers from Switzerland totalled about USD 133,736. Additionally, the industry is snowballing as a result of the region’s rising disposable income and the numerous events observed.

In the upcoming years, Asia Pacific is anticipated to exhibit development at a higher rate. This is explained by the abundance of hotels and commercial buildings in nations like India. Additionally, customers’ increasing disposable money supports goods sales.

Increased Competition

Market Participants Constantly Improve Their Products To Strengthen Their Standing

There are many companies in this highly competitive industry. The competition also extends to designs and the materials’ calibre, not just pricing. Around the world, manufacturers are spending money on various semi-automatic and manual machines for manufacturing lines. A few small-scale domestic competitors are also working to increase their customer base and production. To increase their income creation and prominence, the market players are working with numerous event management and related professionals.

In Conclusion

Fortune Business Insight report on “Artificial Flowers Market: 2022 -2029” predicts that the interior decoration industry is expected to grow, boosting the worldwide fake flower market.  Even though the pandemic shutdown affected various sectors globally, multiple industries are now reopening and following COVID-19 prevention regulations and standards. Productions are expected to continue and help compensate for lockdown losses in the following years.

Additionally, the report stated that incorporating artificial flowers to enhance supermarket and retail displays is a key market driver. Increased convenience stores and infrastructure demand a considerable volume of the product. According to the Association of Convenience Stores, the mainland UK added 46,388 convenience stores in 2019.

Meanwhile, DIY crafts and festivals also boost demand. The primary challenges, plus social media’s impact on aesthetics, drive the artificial flower market. Polyester, paper, nylon, silk, and others are market segments. Application-wise, it’s residential or commercial. The distribution route divides it into hypermarkets, supermarkets, speciality shops, online retailers, and other establishments. North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa have been studied.

Furthermore, Europe will soon have the most significant artificial flower market share. This is due to fake flower imports from Switzerland, Spain, and the UK. In 2019, the EU reported that Switzerland imported roughly USD 133,736 in artificial flowers. In addition to expanding disposable money and events, the sector is growing significantly. On the other hand, Asia Pacific should grow faster in the following years. This explains India’s many hotels and commercial structures. Increasing consumer spending boosts product sales.

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