Stunning Lifelike Flowers Delivered And Replaced Monthly

About The Flower Rental Co.

The Flower Rental Co. Bristol is a local success, delivering colour to businesses and homes across the BristolGloucestershire and South Wales areas. The Flower Rental Co. Bristol delivers high quality, life-like floral designs to businesses and homes on a monthly basis. Our artificial flower arrangements feel and smell real, but cost a fraction of the cost compared to real flower equivalents.

Why Flower Rental?

The Flower Rental Co. Bristol is altering how flowers are enjoyed both within the home and at work. Our service delivers a fresh burst of colourful flowers to your door every month. Our flowers are life-like, feel real to the touch and combine the latest floral trends and styles, typically found within your local environment.

All of our floral designs are hassle free, meaning they require no maintenance from your or your staff. They simply offer all of the benefits associated with real flowers. All colours and aromas are natural and designed to bring happiness to your customers, whilst our incredibly affordable prices will bring a smile to yours.

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