One person helping another climb a rock, symbolising a delivery service franchise business

5 Advantages Of A Franchise Business

People often think of franchise businesses as multinational corporations, but individual investors can be part of a franchise too! You can become one by buying any franchise business; be it a delivery service franchise, a home service franchise, or a florist franchise in the UK! Here are 5 advantages you can enjoy once you become a franchisee. 

A Strong Foothold in the Market 

Your first option for becoming a franchisee is to buy a well-established franchise like a restaurant chain. These franchises will have spent years, even decades, cultivating a strategic identity – which gives them a strong foothold in the market and saves you tons of money on advertising. Such franchises can be worth millions, or even billions of dollars, but buying one gives you access to the high profits yielded by its name recognition! 

Higher Success Rates 

If you don’t have the funds to invest in a million-dollar chain, that’s okay! You can still become a successful franchisee by investing in a smaller business, like a home service franchise that currently operates in a couple of cities. Franchises, regardless of their size, have a higher proven success rate than start-ups, which means being a franchisee is more advantageous than being a regular investor. Additionally, it’s much easier to become a franchisee than a business owner. If you have the money for a start-up, consider franchising instead!  

No Prior Business Experience Needed

Starting a business or working in an office requires at least some degree of prior experience, but being a franchisee is different. You don’t need prior experience, or a business degree, to buy a small florist franchise in the UK for example, because franchising is a collaboration between you and the franchisor. Your primary role is funding; theirs is management – this gives you plenty of time to actively gain business experience by working closely with your franchisor! 

Ongoing Career Support 

Becoming a franchisee essentially means becoming a part of an immediately recognisable brand. Look at it this way, people are more likely to recognise a delivery service franchise with national recognition, compared to an independent delivery business, right? As a franchisee, you are entering an already successful business network, which means you have access to special training from the franchise headquarters. This training includes everything from business management to technology. In addition to gaining business experience as mentioned above, you can use these resources and learn new ones. All of this combined will be a huge asset for your personal career as you continue to learn more about franchising and invest in more franchises!  

The Rewards of Being Self Employed 

As a franchisee, you’re self-employed and in control of your schedule. Not only do you enjoy a great degree of flexibility, you also get to reap the rewards of your work immediately, because any effort you put into your franchise affects you directly. This also means no annoying bosses! So if you have ample funds and hate your desk job, why not become a franchisee, and enjoy all the perks of being self-employed with a financially stable investment in your pocket! 

How can I get a Delivery Service Franchise?

 Get a delivery service franchise by contacting The Flower Rental Co. to learn about how much money you need, what areas are available to work and when you can begin. We offer territories across the United Kingdom and Europe, with a range of starter packages to suit every individual.

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